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Individual Therapy

A sudden revaluation of secretive impactful information can reap havoc on the blindsided partner.  Partners are often left wrestling with the very meaning of their lives, and a million "why's". 

The journey begins to reclaim your narrative.  Move from a victim identity to a healing identity.  This process is not for the faint of heart, but it a necessary undertaking to heal and remain true to your own core values.

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Couples Therapy

 Trust is a bedrock foundation of marriage, without it, both partners will struggle.  Once you make the decision to do couples work, we will start the growth towards wise trust. 

Wise trust is earned slowly while learning to express compassion and sustained efforts to build empathy. Couples intensives also available.  Email for details.  

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Women's Partner Groups

This small group helps women struggling with intimate betrayal heal from infidelity and other problematic sexual behaviors. Group is a safe space to process your feelings and be supported in your pain. Learn to cope with reminders of the trauma, make value based decisions, and regain stability in your life.

The group strives towards helping you heal from intimate betrayal and experience greater fulfillment, despite your current relationship stress.

An intake session is required for consideration for this group. Call or email me for more details.

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Men's Intimacy Groups

This group provides treatment, help, and guided learning for men struggling with intimacy issues and compulsive sexual behaviors.

Group members are committed to making changes and supporting one another in a safe and shame free space. We discuss issues around repairing relationships with partners, healthy sexuality, tools for coping with urges and anxiety, and skills for increasing intimacy and closeness in personal relationships.

Email or Call to learn more.

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