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Thinking Man

Men's Intimacy Group 

Meets every other Monday from 7:00pm-8:45pm

Men's intimacy groups are therapist-run, small group settings with 6-7 members at a time. This group provides treatment, help, and guided learning for men struggling with intimacy issues and compulsive sexual behaviors.  


In group, we discuss issues around repairing relationships, healthy sexuality, and tools for coping with urges and anxiety.  We work on communication, empathy, family of origin issues, past traumas, partner trauma, and much more. 

Come heal in a safe, non-shaming community of other men who most likely share common struggles and desire value based growth opportunities.   Group members are committed to making changes and supporting one another in a safe and shame-free space.

Feel supported and known by those on a similar journey.

One individual session is required for admission into this group. Please call or email for more information.

Session fee is $65 for two clinical hours. 

Looking for one additional member for Monday night's group. 

Call or email if you are interested
Posted March 2023

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