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Image by Rowan Chestnut

Individual Therapy

My strength is working with partners to start the healing process after intimate betrayal.  We'll do deep digs to explore your trauma and normalize and navigate the intense pain and confusion that was a bi-product after discovery.


A sudden revaluation of secretive and impactful information can reap havoc on the blindsided partner.  Partners are often left wrestling with the very meaning of their lives, and a million "why's". 


The journey begins to reclaim your narrative.  Move from a victim identity to a healing identity.  This process is not for the faint of heart, but it a necessary undertaking to heal and remain true to your own core values.

My style of therapy includes psychoeducation, talk therapy, and directive reading and workbooks. I utilize the the multidimensional partner trauma model (APSATS), Gottman method, attachment based theory and emotion focused work. 

I am trained in the APSATS multidimensional partner trauma model which takes a trauma informed stance for partners.  As a CSAT Candidate, I work with individuals recovering from sexual  compulsivity or infidelity and promote healing from a non-shaming lens.

45-50 Minute Session $185

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